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Lofts specialises in converting the unused area of your roof into a valuable living area, providing the most economical and convenient way to create space. Adding a loft to your home also offers the best home improvement that you can make.

Even when it might appear that building a loft is not possible, Lofts unique Dormer roof system allows us to extend your roof height and give you the loft living that you desire.

Our loft building method is painless, safe and well-planned. A loft does not increase your environmental footprint and is over 95% recyclable.

An Consultant engineer inspects every structural aspect of your loft conversion, ultimately issuing a certificate of compliance on the satisfactory completion. Our clients are happy clients.

Lofts was founded by Cliff Harriman in 2004.

Having qualified in carpentry, joinery and building technology in the UK, this craftsman founded the ubiquitous Witch Rooms in South Africa, an iconic home improvement brand of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Cliff sold Witch Rooms in 1999.

With committed members of the executive such as Richard and JJ running Lofts on a day-to-day basis, clients enjoy a high level of personal service.

Cliff Harriman

Cliff Harriman

Founding member Cliff has over 53 years’ experience in the trade and is a carpenter by trade. Cliff has lectured part-time at UCT Architectural School. Cliff and scruffy are on call when any technical or design matters arise.



Richard is the Managing Director of Lofts and has been in the building industry since leaving school. He excels in planning and administration – one of the reasons why Lofts projects run so smoothly.



JJ is an outstanding Project Director and highly-skilled designer – one of the reasons why our clients feel so comfortable working with him.

What we do

We create space in the home that you love. Our product range offers various options, including: Lofts, Ladders, Vertical Extensions, Mezzanine floors, Packing space, Stairs and Double volume conversions.

The Lofts team’s experience enables us to give you a clear design as well as an accurate cost of your loft on the very first visit.

How we do it

Our simple yet effective process provides our clients with peace of mind and the knowledge that they are in good hands – ultimately this results in a client satisfaction rating well over ninety percent.

10 Reasons to deal with Lofts:

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