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Who will design my loft?
Lofts employs a small team of well trained Designers. Your area manager will come to your home, interpret your requirements, offer a practical solution and in many cases will give you a written quote there and then.

My roof appears low, can I use it?
If storage is your requirement, about 1500mm high will do the job. If you require a loft, you need to stand in the centre of your roof and reach as high as you can. If you can just touch the highest point, you should be able to have a loft put into your roof. There are occasions when you’ll feel building a loft on your home is impossible, that’s not always the case. With Lofts unique Dormer roof system, your roof height can be extended.

Is my roof strong enough?
No, we engineer it to comply with all requirements.

Will my new room get hot and/or be noisy?
Lofts are constantly searching for new materials that improve the performance of your loft. We use cellulose insulations it improves the thermal and acoustic properties of our lofts to World standards. Every loft is kept cool and the floors are highly sound resistant.

My roof is full of crisscross beams, how will I walk around?
We reconfigure the roof trusses complying with an engineer’s instructions, by adding extra strength here and moving there. We call it roof surgery.

Who is the engineer?
Lofts have a working relationship with a consultant structural engineer, who, having checked all work and ensuring that we have followed his design, issues a compliance certificate on every loft contract we are involved with.

What kind of windows do you install?
We have two major types of windows; Dormer- that’s when we lift the roof and give you lots of extra head room, and Velux roof windows- fitted at the same angle as your existing roof.

Will I have to move out while you build?
In most cases no, we work through your roof and only come into your home when we fit the staircase.

Do you use sub contractors or are your workers employed by you?
Because working at your home is so sensitive, we employ all of our teams full time with the exception of specialist trades such as plumbers and electricians. In these cases we only use companies we know well, some for as long as 20 years.

Do I need municipal plans?
Not for packing space, but you may need them for accommodation.

How long does it take?
In most cases we’ll complete a folding ladder and packing space in one day. Building bedrooms, bathrooms and similar, the time varies from job to job, mostly from 2-8 weeks.

What happens to my existing plumbing and electrical pipes?
We arrange for a qualified specialist to move the pipe work away from the new loft area.

How long is the work guaranteed for?
Five years, unconditional.

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